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charlottesville and on the legal battles that still face both families. ((pkg))23 years hat is the sentence a charlottesville former uva lacrosse player - george huguely following the fatal beating of his ex-girlfriend... cockeysville native yyardley love.((insert video))both attendee school at the university of virginia here in charlottesville. both just weeks away from graduating.in a prepared said they "love george and will always support him"and they believe love's death was an accident..and that yeardley "will always be in our hearts". chapman 16:50:06 this young man has an anger prrble he has a violence problem.rhonda 17:02:56 we think george was convicted of a crime inconsistant with the facts and he received that the evidence required.the love famill meanwhile saying "we are relieved tt p this chapter behind us"((recorded on camera tag in now keep in mind while this case is behind the lovee family... there are two ciiil lawsuits pendingone is a 30 million dollar lawsuit against george huguely the other is a wrongful death suit against the university of virginia.in charlottesville jo
sentence to 23 years. that's down from the 26 year sentence the charlottesville jury recommended. the prosecution team is calling it -- they said the jury got it right. the judge got it right. they're considering it a victory. the defense team had been asking for 15 years. live from charlottesville, andrea mccarren, 9 news now. >> did the judge say why he only reduced it three years or didn't go farther because, of course, the seencing guidelines allow anywhere from five to 40 years? did he give any clue as to his reasoning? >> reporter: well, he had faith in the jury's decision. he thought that the jury had acted appropriately given the very brutal nature of this crime, but i have to tell you importantly it is a 23 year sentence, but he's getting credit for time served. generally with good behavior he will serve only 85%. so if you do the math quickly, which we have, he'll probably serve about 18 years in prison. he's now 24, almost 25. that means he will be out when he's still a fairly young man, about the age of 42. >> thank you. >> andrea, why do we not hear from these peopl
beating in 2010. andrea mccarren has followed the proceedings since day one and is live in charlottesville with more. a lot of different emotions out there this afternoon, venezuelan. >> reporter: that's the truth, derek -- afternoon, andrea. >> reporter: that's the truth, derek. george huguely shuffled into the courtroom this afternoon, his wrists and ankles shackled. the former uva lacrosse player showed no emotion at all until he faced the family of his former girl friend, yeardley love. he turned to them and with his voice breaking he said, "i'm so sorry for your loss. i hope and pray you may find peace." now tonight the huguely family issued a statement saying, "today is a sad day for our family. we love george and will always support him. we continue to believe yeardley's death was not intended but an accident with a tragic outcome." huguely's defense team had asked for a 14 year sentence. here's the reaction to the eventual 23 year sentence from the defense team and first the prosecution. >> we believe that the jurors here in charlottesville got it right. the judge made some adjus
was sentenced. she joins us now live from charlottesville. he didn't get the max, but he certainly didn't gethe least. >> reporter: no. it was a very slight reduction to 23 years, very close to the high end of the sentencing guidelines. just a short time ago we received a statement from george huguely's family. here are some of the excerpts from that. today is a sad day for our family. we love george anwill always support him. we continue to believe yardley's death was not intended but an accident with a tragic outcome. minutes after the judge issuedly sentence this afternoon we heard from both the prosecution and the defense. >> and this gentleman has an anger problem. he has a violence problem. it's not necessarily so much triggered by alcohol, but it's facilitated by alcohol. >> we are confident that a mature and careful consideration of this case will result in the reversal of these convictions and that the correct outcome in this case will eventually be reached. >> reporter: as you just heard, george huguely plans to appeal not just his sentence, but his conviction on second degree murde
a ticket -- charlottesville. you need a ticket if you would like to expect -- attend. we will have someone in charlottesville for the visit. we will also be in tampa for the gop national convention. look for all these live reports in our later newscast. energy markets are recovering as hurricane is a kitts the gulf coast. >> get ready for some bad holiday traffic. here is linda bell headquarters. >> good morning. the energy market is catching a bit of a break this morning. crude oil and gasoline futures are lower as hurricane isaac makes land fall. without any major reports of damage to oil rigs or refineries in the gulf coast region. the cotton crop may also be damaged. we are waiting for an assessment on that. we do have stock index is little changed. they are taking all this information in. holiday travel -- get ready for that holiday travel on friday. new york, los angeles, and bridgeport will have the nation's worst traffic jams this holiday weekend as travelers put the pedal to the metal. the most congested area will be in and around d.c. things are especially heavy on route 66. the
is expected to be sentenced tomorrow. lowell melser cover the trial in february. he is back in charlottesville with a preview. >> prosecutors with the commonwealth's attorney's office expect tomorrow's hearing to be pretty cat and dry. while the drug -- the judge could actually lower his sentence, it is unlikely. the jury heard the case, came up with the verdict, and the sentencing. >> after months of appeals and various court appearances, a convicted murderer george huguely will enter court thursday facing 26 years in prison for killing 22-year-old yeardley love. a jury listened to weeks of the emotional and graphic testimony and took a little more than nine hours to render its verdict. the charges are second-degree murder, which the jury remained -- recommended 25 years, and grand larceny, which the jury recommended one year. during the trial, the prosecution presented the case that huguely, after spending the day in a drug haze, went to love's apartment that night and burst through the door and struck her some way causing her death. the defense tried to claim her death was an accident. seem
states of virginia if. obama said to speak this afternoon in charlottesville. monday for aup on ticket.t getting a it's at the wireless pavilion. his third straight trip to campus.e covered inou charlottesville and in tampa. we have reports from everyone on news starting at 5:00. >> after five years of planning construction, the newest the national zoo is already. the new american tell exhibit public this the saturday. brings visitors to the pacific northwest. likell have animals sea lions, seals, beavers, otters, holds. will have birds like pelicans and ravens and a bald eagle. many species on the trail are close to have come but a major rebound. >> entertaining animals the kids will enjoy. >> they do. it's pretty cool. >> we call my daughter parrot because she's at that age that she repeats everything. around here we have the leftovers of hurricane isaac us through thet weekend, are labor day holiday weekend. y over 6 inches of rain since midnight from the storm in louisiana. they will probably add another that.hes to a beautiful time lapse that we have this morning. nothing but suns
for tomorrow. the convicted murderer will enter a charlottesville, va., court room tomorrow. the jury found him guilty of second-degree murder and grand larceny. we have a crew in charlottesville to cover the proceedings. baltimore grand prix is still a few days away. >> your commute to and from work could be impacted as early as tomorrow. we will have some tips to avoid traffic gridlock. >> tropical storm isaac punting the gulf coast wççÑçÑ >> the 100-year-old demand backed his car into a sidewalk hit people across from an elementary school in los angeles. some are trapped under the blue cadillac before witnesses could pull them out. everyone is expected to survive. police said the elderly driver claimed his brakes failed. hundreds packed cathedral in board -- in baltimore. he was called a pioneer. the 49-year-old was killed friday night when he was struck by a bus in ocean city. a tribute to his memory, a restaurant down ended 30% of their earnings today to one of his favorite charities. -- donated 30% of their earnings today to one of his favorite charities, but leaving tomorrow. >> the
and harrisonburg down to charlottesville. this cluster here expected to move off towards the north and east. as you move into cal vert county, you will see a few more showers. and then everything should settle by about 3:00 in the morning or so. this is the latest in terms of our satellite and radar. area of low pressure scoots out of here. this is what brought us the nasty weather. nothing like they're experiencing well to the south of us. here's the latest on isaac reemerging over the warmer waters of the gulf of mexico. the official track takes it just over new orleans and with winds around 100 miles per hour by 8:00 tuesday night and of course it makes itself inland it will lose strength but also expected to slow down and dump a ton of rain across louisiana mississippi, and eventually into tennessee and kentucky. worth watching over the next couple of days. a lot of change ks still happen between now and landful. we'll keep you ju -- landfall. we'll keep you updated. tomorrow's daytime high around 85 to 90 degrees. cold front arrives into the ove
of the speeches. a lot coming up this afternoon, including the president live in charlottesville, virginia. mitt romney is in indianapolis speaking at the american legion and flying back into tampa tonight. and next we want to show you an event called with fouromenwomenr romney. this is about 45 minutes. >> good morning, everybody. it is incredibly exciting to see the room packed today. i must say thank you all for going with all of the changes. we were confused about whether it was breakfast or lunch, or maybe dinner or teeth. welcome to this room packed full of energized, excited, enthusiastic event with and romney and friends. are you wondering where she is? let's bring her into the room right now. please welcome our guest of honor, ann romney and jana ryan. [applause] i cannot imagine with 18 grandchildren and the sons and daughters and laws that and got any sleep last night, but i want to make one important point right off the top this morning, and that is, you did us proud last night. [applause] i think i walked in the back of their room and saw many of you on your various devices email le
the latest from charlottesville. >> the charlottesville circuit court judge decided to reduce george huguely's sentence from 26 to 23 years. he consulted the virginia sentencing guidelines. the judge took the jury- recommended 25 years for second- degree murder and dropped it to 23 years, and the one year for grand larceny will run concurrent. the commonwealth presented witnesses of love and huguely who highlighted his violent behavior. huguely's attorneys called his aunt, uncle, priest, and family doctor to the stand. they said he was a leader and was an all-around good person. huguely did address the love family saying, "miss love, lexie, i am sorry for your loss." the state of virginia banned parole back in 1995. with good behavior, he will have to serve about 85% of his prison sentence, which comes out to about 20 years. he has so far served two years in prison. once he is out, he will remain on three years' probation. lowell melser, wbal-tv 11 news. >> after some stalled stars, the flag is about to drop on baltimore's second grand prix weekend. jennifer franciotti joins us live from dow
an opposition rally here today in charlottesville. i caught the tail end of the speech after i got back. it was interesting to me, the fax that he did not report on. since obama took office in 2009, the average cost of tuition has increased 25%, and the number of young americans living in poverty has increased by 23%. the president just does not understand that if he wants to help out college students, he's got to get recent college graduates back to work. i think what of your earlier years mention that. we cannot stay at this pace. the president has had for years and has not capitalized on it. we need to get mitt romney in their so that we can get some of this stuff changed. host: what you are are you in? caller: i will be in my third year this year. i took over as head of the college republicans at the end of last april. host: what is your sense of how the student body use the election this year? caller: we had an activities there on monday. we were getting way more people signing up for the republicans. the university of virginia actually rejected the obama campaign request to hold i
of lightning, especially for around a culpeper. there is the lightning leftover around charlottesville. maybe people around warring ton hearing 1 or two thundershowers. the heavier showers are dissipating as they move toward southwestern suburbs. folks around i 95 and up around county where earlier some legitimate heavy showers. of reports of hale. what are around manassas and the other south of culpeper. reported around ofassas and more south culpeper. temperature is 63 degrees. when the showers came through temperaturethe down. the mid part of the country. love to be getting rain. oklahoma city 108 degrees. wichita again 111 degrees. the terrible drought and he continues there. tomorrow, onceh again here we have some of the humidity. think we will be seeing some showers and thundershowers, especially to the west. is it does bring afternoon needed rain showers. temperatures once again will be muddy 70's. 85-90 degrees as we start out august. widespread showers thundershowers. we will be back into a hot and humid august pattern. temperatures as we head on into thursday and friday, mid to low
into charlottesville. the leading edge of the system that will arrive us a today that will give of strong to weather, especially across southern and central maryland. 83-88 degrees for the daytime high, wind out of the south. e lows will fall into the mid 60's commands low 70's. tomorrow, a few showers possible, not as you met. what and not as humid. >> looks good on the beltway. in landover, moving very nicely to and from fedex field. it's also good on 95 between richmond and baltimore. normal travel times between fredericksburg and dale city. that 28 minutes. 13 minutes from dale city to the beltway. parkwayes from the b-w to the capital beltway. headlights in this picture are northbound through springfield. is southbound traffic on the way to fredericksburg. everything looks good. back to you. >> thank you. started testing the on the beltway express lanes. using test cars to traffic and monitor congestion and adjust the toll rates. the tests will go on several weeks and it is expected to slow traffic. the express lanes are expected to open by the end of the year. >> new a crash test results may h
and colorado at colorado state university. wednesday he travels through charlottesville, virginia. hundreds of people waited in line on monday to get tickets to see the president. 5000 people turned out to see him when he spoke in 2010 if. >> funeral services will be held today for the prince george's county officer and died in a high-speed crash. a viewing for officer adrian morris was held. his funeral will be this morning in mitchelville at 10:00. his cruiser ran off the road on interstate 95 when he and his partner were chasing a stolen car at the time. two suspects are in custody. the funeral service for the officer will be live on our sister station news channel 8. >> demand for the chevrolet vote may be running out of gas -- chevy volt. >> now to linda bell at bloomberg headquarters. >> the makers of energy drinks are under investigation. the new york attorney general is looking at whether that industry is deceiving customers with misstatements about ingredients and health values. subpoenas have been issued to the maker of monstera and amp. the chevy volt may be running out of power.
today. in charlottesville the court will consider george huguely's request for a new trial. he was convicted in february of second-degree murder in the death of yeardley love. he is scheduled to be sentenced august 30. >> d.c. taxicabs are getting an upgrade. mayor vincent gray will introduce a new smart meter system. that includes credit card readers, gps navigation, and other features. council member marion barry has filed a resolution to renegotiate the contract. >> cleanup expected to continue after a deadly train derailment in ellicott city. >> a few college students are hanging out on the bridge when a train derailed killing both of them. it is believed the two young women tweeted a picture just moments before their deaths. >> with heavy hearts, students at mount hebron high school clung tightly to each other attempting to fill loss of two classmates, rose mayr and elizabeth nass. the 19-year-old posted this picture of their feet dangling overfrom the railroad tracks.round midnight. >> it was complete chaos. people running all over the place. >> it was a domino effect of
hughley entered charlottesville circuit court facing a sentence of 26 years in prison. his appearance is noticeably different than back in february. a clean-cut image is gone. his hair is longer and he is dressed in an oversized prison jumpsuits. his attorney presented brief opening statements, telling the judge of their sentence would be 14 years in prison rather than 26. the commonwealth's attorney presented five witnesses, including former teammates and friends. a former teammate said she recalled the night at a bar when george hughley to alter it because she told her father of his recent drunk and violent behavior. a former teammate says he be him so badly after he spent an intimate night with love. >> the judge made some adjustments based on an appropriate factor to take into consideration, which is the sentencing guidelines. he affirmed the judgment of the jurors. his defense paraded a few character witnesses of his son. he also -- all said he was a good person and someone people looked up to. >> we believe in the jury system and in our courts, about we disagree that the convict
at the white house today. he spoke with supporters and charlottesville. he wanted to reach out to younger voters. the president reminded the crowd the health-care overhaul is enabling millions of young people to stay on their parents' plan. he also stressed the importance of voting. >> change was possible because you made it possible. you cannot get tired now. we have more work to do. >> the president will visit norfolk on tuesday and had to charlotte for the national convention. >> the ftc 's investigation of google is nearing an end. >> the fda is getting sued. >> lawyers for the center for food safety as well as the center for environmental health filed a complaint saying the government missed a january deadline for setting standards for safe production and harvesting efforts and vegetables. there were supposed to establish regulations by july. it is to better protect public health including guarding against outbreaks of illness is by strengthening the food safety system. the federal trade commission is pushing to wrap up its investigation itsgoogle. the city staff will present their f
with breaking news into the abc2 newsroom. this came down in the last 15 minutes in charlottesville. former uva la crosse player george huguely was
williams is in charlottesville, virginia tonight with more on this. pete, good evening. >> reporter: brian, the justice department blocked this new i.d. law from texas in march and now a federal court has done the same, saying it would hit minority voters especially hard. the republican dominated texas legislature passed the law last year greatly reducing the forms of identification that would be honored at the polls. no more utility bills or company i.d.s. instead, only five kinds of government photo i.d.s making it the toughest, tightest voter i.d. law in the nation. today the court says the law imposes strict, unforgiving burdens on the poor because of the cost of getting these photo i.d.s and it said racial minorities in texas are disproportionately likely to live in poverty. texas is already vowing to appeal to the supreme court and we'll hear shortly about a challenge to a similar law in south carolina. brian? >> there are others waiting to be decided. pete williams in charlottesville tonight, thanks. >>> still ahead as "nightly news" continues tonight from tampa, fast rising waters
. another line of moderate showers now stretching from fredericksburg to charlottesvil charlottesville, right around the metro area just a few sprinkles in montgomery county and here in the district. but much of prince george's county is dry and much of fairfax and arlington as well dry right now. just a few scattered sprinkles. as the morning progresses, that rain will move in. the pavement will be getting wet. here we go. fender bender weather. it's mild. in the 70s most areas. 60s, shenandoah valley west and western maryland. day planner for this tuesday, yes, you will need the umbrella. the wipers will be going through the morning. by noontime, maybe a little sun breaking out. mid 80s. during the afternoon, storms popping up. some could be severe with damaging winds. a look at your tuesday evening planner in ten minutes. a look at traffic now with danella. good morning. >>> thanks, tom. kicking off your first 4 traffic report with road work on i-66. if you're making your way past nutley, this work zone actually just cleared. that's good news because it was taking up the right side
charlottesville. >> charlottesville circuit court judge decided to reduce george huguely's cents from 26 to 23 years. the judge took the jury recommended 25 years for second- degree murder and dropped it to 23 years and one year for grand larceny will run concurrent. he highlighted his fallen behavior. a doctor was called to the stand. they said he was a leader and was an all-around good person. george huguely did address the love family saying, i am sorry for your loss. the state of virginia band per roll back in 1995. with good behavior, he will have to serve about 85% of his prison sentence which comes out to about 20 years. he has served two years in prison. once he is out, he will remain on three years' probation. lowell melser, wbal-tv 11 news. >> we have the decision to reduce the sentence on our website, wbaltv.com. >> we're entering the start of the labor day weekend. >> for many, the grand prix of baltimore is the main attraction. jennifer franciotti is live downtown with a preview. >> fans can expect to hear the roar of the engines. racing begins this morning at 8:00 a.m. pratt andh
. really, it's down through charlottesville, down to the south and west of our area. today, 93. i think the bigger story for the weekend is the cooldown. let's see how cool it's doing on area roads now with danella. >>> if you're trying to head up north i-95 making your way towards 395, just past there. single vehicle car fire blocking all of the northbound lanes. what's going to happen is there's a detour set in place. if you're headed northbound, you're going to have to get off at exit 49 to work your way around it. the good news is it's not expected to last through morning rush, but for now, plan an al r alternate route. on the inner loop, in between arlington boulevard and 7 in virginia, the left side gets by the work zone in place. it should be in the process of being picked up. also, for right now, if you're traveling on the outer loop, you cannot access route 7 in either direction. be aware of that. and i'm back in ten minutes with another look at your traffic. >>> it is 4:42 right now. still to come, the freedom of speech issue causing a protest on the college campus. >>> why o
charlottesville apartment. the two were la crosse players at uva. jurors recommended 25 years for the murder. >> we all did not think that the killing was premeditated. we don't think that he went over with the purpose of killing yeardley love. >> we believe that the jurors here in charlottesville got it right. >> we think that george was convicted of a crime inconsistent with the facts and he received a penalty inconsistent with what the evidence would require. >> reporter: before sentencing, huguely himself got up and addressed love's mother and sister saying i'm so sorry for your loss. i hope you find peace. then his knees and to buckle as he became emotional. >> all i see is loss. it will be that way forever. it is such a rough approximation. we just wish it didn't happen. >> reporter: in a letter to the judge, huguely's mother asked for mercy for her son. she said she doesn't have enough words to describe her deep sorrow at the loss of yeardley's life. yeardley's family released this statement. >> we find no joy in other's sorrow. we plan to try to work diligently through the one love f
. he visited charlottesville yesterday, wrapping up a two-day tour of college towns. he told the younger crowd that they have more at stake in this election than anyone else. the president wanted to speak at the university of virginia campus, but the school rejected him, saying they didn't want to foot the bill for the extra security or shut down most of the campus. >>> today, the former university of virginia lacrosse player convicted of killing his ex-girlfriend will learn his fate. george huguely's lawyers will ask the judge to reduce the jury's recommended sentence of 26 years, offering appeal from his mother for leniency her for son. the chevy chase native was found guilty in february of killing yeardley love. shortly after the verdict, we spoke to a juror who said he hopes the judge upholds the sentence. >> i think the jury was very just and deliberate with the sentencing that we came up with, so i hope something close to that ultimately becomes his sentence. >> huguely's sentencing is set for 1:00. we'll be live in charlottesville. look for the latest on "news4 at 4:00
at a in charlottesville. you'll need a ticket to attend. your election statement for racenuing coverage for the of the white house. have the crew in charlottesville today. have crews in tampa for the gop national convention. >> still ahead, more reason to ease up on the gas pedal in the district. learn how many >> good morning. it will be a comfortable day today, with low humidity. dryer, more comfortae conditions. 70 degrees currently in the carried 61 in 59 in martinsburg. i think will make it into the r in thislate afternoon. 84 in d.c., 86 in stafford. 83 degrees, frostburg is 70.er, a lot of sunshine, a few degrees warmer. we will hit that 90 degree barrier by friday and saturday. talk more about the weekend and labor day, coming right up. on the roads right now, traveling northbound, 95 is the hot spot. you will find there is just one lane closed. , but a loting lanes of emergency response is on the scene investigating the overnight tractor-trailer fire and crashed. cannot exit off 95 to 7100 in either direction. southbound 7100 is not able to exit onto northbound i-95. tack on a
his prison sentence and conviction. charlottesville judge sentenced huguely to 23 years in prison for killing his exgirlfriend yeardley love. before receiving sentence yesterday the former lacrosse player spoke to love's mother and sister. he said, i'm so sorry for your loss and i hope you find peace. huguely killed love in may 2010 in her apartment in charlottesville. >>> a former bowie state university student accuse of killing a roommate is due in court today. witnesses told policeal collectihe killed her over an ipod. the stabbing was in self-defense and is at her mother's house in district heights. >>> the time is 4:47. catholic university student is speaking out after being attacked and robbed in northeast. this attack happened near catholic university in the brooklyn neighborhood. the student who does not want to be identified says she was getting out of her car monday night on lauren street when a man attacked her from bed hind. >> someone grabbed the back of my neck and my forehead was smashed against the mirror. it broke the mirror and i fell to the ground. he kicked me
story in charlottesville, virginia. george hughley is being sentenced for the murder of yardley love. they were both lacrosse players at the university of virginia. their volatile relationship ended with a deadly confrontation in 2010. that's when he beat love to death. he was convicted of murder in february. juror recommended -- a judge has to make a final decision. jack jill benson will join us live as soon as anything happens. >>> right now a court hearing about the deadly theater massacre in colorado. at issue is the notebook the suspected gunman james holmes allegedly mailed to the psychiatrist. that notebook reportedly contains descriptions of a violent attack. the defense is expected to argue that the book is privileged doctor/patient information and should not be admitted into the case. hot also' attorneys have said he's mentally ill, but prosecutors say he's sane. 12 died, 58 others were wounded. >>> the dulles greenway is back open after a tanker accident. just after 5:00 a.m., virginia state police say about 400 gallons of diesel fuel spilled. they spent hours cleaning up
for complete coverage. a stopsident obama made charlottesville on wednesday. norfolk on tuesday before heading to charlotte for the national convention. >> and other big story, sentencing date for a former t convicted of murdering his ex-girlfriend. >> george huguely is expected back in a charlottesville today for sentencing r killing his former love.iend yeardley earlier he was convicted of and grandree murder larceny and -- grand larceny a sentence of 26 years. his lawyers are likely to argue it lesser sentence. prosecutors argued he kicked in to her off-campus heard to the be unconsciousness and with the computer. the defense attorneys say it was terrible accident. just a couple of weeks ago he bid for a new trial. the judge said there was evidence to support the conviction. >> thank you so much. a retrial is about to begin for a former army ranger accused of killing his roommate. was found dead 2006. his roommate was convicted of murder.egree he said he killed himself. including heade s depressed and because of appeal court to throw out the conviction last year. it is now 5:07 and we are l
's sentencing is set for 1:00. we will be live in charlottesville. look for the latest on "news4 at 4:00" and on our website, nbcwashington.com. >>> also happening today, the man accused of making threats to shoot people at his former workplace will be in court. neil prescott was released from a mental hospital last week. he was undergoing a mental evaluation for allegedly threatening a former co-worker at pitney bowes in capitol heights last month. prescott was in the process of being fired. police say they subsequently found a stockpile of guns and ammo at his crofton apartment. the weapons are being held by the atf. >>> the showdown between mitt romney and president obama in "decision 2012" is about to become official. tonight, romney will accept his party's nomination on the rnc stage, but last night it was all about his vp pick, paul ryan. in a rousing speech, the wisconsin congressman lashed out at president obama over health care and focused energy on what will arguably be the campaign's biggest issue, the economy. >> after four years of government trying to divide up the wealt
in the wide view. the showers and storms back towards charlottesville. they're moving northeastward. that's what's going to roll in here we think later today. we'll come back and give you a timetable and have the complete weekend forecast. >>> we've got breaking news out of annapolis where the maryland senate has approved a measure to allow table games like blackjack at national harbor. the senate passage through this special session is no surprise. it's passage through the house of delegates that will be tougher. the senate also passes a bill creating strict liability for all dog owners. >>> d.c. police desperately trying to make the case against a man they believe is been trying to prey on young boys. four separate incidents, some a lot more suspicious and some less so, all clustered fairly closely together in northwest. the story from bruce leshan. >> reporter: on month police say they got a -- on monday police say they got a call from someone in mount pleasant. the same guy they're looking at allegedly had child pornography in his possession. then on tuesday they say the man was naked
in charlottesville and a disturbance coming toward our region. we will see more showers and rain overnight and maybe early tomorrow morning too. that rain will be making its way through here through the 6:00, 7:00 hour and that frontal boundary will shift to the east. the best chances of rain will stay to the south and east and that includes delmarva and the beaches. on sunday everybody dries out. rain well to the south and east. a nice day on sunday. monday looks nice as well. we'll see a couple nice days in here. and the next week is looking pretty good. tomorrow morning partly cloudy possible showers and areas of fog. temperatures between 67 and 76 degrees. the partly cloudy and possible showers to the east and east tomorrow. but a couple of showers along the i-95 corridor with the high temperatures in the 80s. 88 degrees on sunday, 90 degrees on monday. and then we'll see another chance for thunderstorms. some of these could be strong depending how the system develops on tuesday. but that will usher in cooler air again. 93 on tuesday to a high temperature in the 80s on wednesday. one thing i don
obama is traveling to charlottesville, virginia today the last stop of his two-day trip to counter the gop convention message and appeal to younger voters in college towns. he held a rally with students at colorado state yesterday. the event had shades of the president's last campaign. many students weren't old enough to vote in 2008. just like he did then, president obama wove a theme of change into his speech. >>> time for a look at the weather forecast, no mist, drizzle or anything like that on the way in this morning. >> which means we won't have delays into sfo, a lot of sun today, close to average. good morning. here's a look from our roof cam, you can see how it is rather cloudless, doppler picking up dry air. 62 antioch, everybody else in the mid to upper five sees north bay valleys longer nights starting to get cooler temperatures 50 santa rosa, 52 napa. monterey bay and inland temperatures mid to upper 50s mainly clear sky. big story today, temperatures dropping a little bit almost not even new jersey able. -- not even neglect . fremont may buck the trend and be three deg
wraps up his two-day visit to college towns with a stop in charlottesville virginia today. president told students it was their support for him in 2008 that ended the war in iraq, stopped discrimination against gays in the military, and kept student loan rates low. >> this week in tampa, my opponents will offer you my agenda. and don't boo, vote. [ cheering and applause ] >> democrats hold their national convention starting tuesday in charlotte, north carolina. >>> time now is 4:36. back here in the bay area, another court hearing is scheduled today for the man charged with kidnapping and murdering morgan hill teenager sierra lamar. we are told he will not be in court. instead the district attorney are ask for another postponement of a plea hearing. 15-year-old sierra lamar went missing back in march. volunteers will search for her today as they do every wednesday and saturday. >>> overnight we have learned a victim of a drive by shooting has died. police say a man was gunned down at 7:00 last night. witnesses say shots were fired from two cars but police are still trying to confirm
information about given for the brutal beating of yeardley love. >> a judge in charlottesville to 23ced george huguely g exs in prison for killin inlfriend yeardley love back jealous, alcohol- rage. moments before his fate, he r family and said, i am sorry for your loss. peace."ou find he does need to be rehabilitated. think 23 years is too long at all. >> in my mind, it is hard to put on a life lost. >> former classmates testified his attention for mixing blues and violence. the prosecutor said sooner or later he was going to kill someone. all i see is loss. it will be that way forever. >> loves family said in a --tement the defense downplayed the conviction saying that the death was unintentional and they will .ppeal hopeful that a lead to theiew will just outcome that he has saw from the beginning. --aid famil under the best of circumstances like time already served and behavior, he could get out prison in about 17 or 18 years. >> now we turn to the storm isaac. it is slowly beginning to lose its punch tonight. so much to clean up. than 1 million people without prior -- without power tonigh
and assaulted her leaving her to die in her room. charlottesville attorney goodman says in virginia judges almost always take the jury's recommendation. >> they would be surprised if he deviated much at all from the 26 years recommended by the jury. it could take a few minutes several hours but a longer hearing is expected because testimony will be heard from people who knew george huguely including potentially family members and friends. her mother and sister testified during the sentencing phase of the trial. however the judge can use their testimony along with letters from love's family in determining the sentence. the last word the judge will hear could come from george huguely. >> the judge will turn to mr. huguely himself, and for the first time he will have the opportunity to address the court and express any remorse that he has. have any comments ability what his role was or what he hopes the court would do to him as far as punishment goes. >> reporter: huguely may choose to not make a statement because of the lawsuit filed against him by the love family. in this case the sentencin
students tonight in colorado. tomorrow he is in charlottesville, virginia. >>> still to come, another push to reform d.c.'s campaign finance law. we have details on mayor gray's latest idea. but first, police release a brand-new video hoping to catch the folks who beat a father and husband out on capitol hill late one night. that investigation continues. we'll have the latest up next. >>> d.c. police released security video they hope leads to the folks who severely beat a 29-year-old man named thomas. he was attacked out on capitol hill about a week and a half ago. out at night with his friend. and investigators say video taken at an exxon station on pennsylvania avenue chose the suspect trying to use his stolen credit card. he is slowly recovering and his wife is asking for the public's help to find the people who did this to her husband. >> so people take a minute to look at that, think about something that they might have seen or somebody they know. >> now he has undergone several surgeries, including two on his brain. if you know the folks in that video, i know it's grainy and hard t
will returning as soon as friday afternoon. today, president obama was in charlottesville. a rally. he focused on health care, taxes, immigration. he will also campaign next week e democraticng to th convention. a disturbing home invasion. man in his 60's robbed and beaten in his own home. he may have been sent a warning. >> just to give you a sense of happened, it happened just that way. the victim tells us, a couple a strange notgot door and a strange call. whoever it was came back last night to attack him. after he to gary just got home from hospital. >> my hand is stitched up. from is recovering injuries. the two suspects got in through his side door. >> two guys pushed their way in. they dragged me to the house. they held me down. >> they did not care. >> his daughter says her dad is a vietnam vet. she says he is tough and tried fight back. >> he tried to call 91. they broke his phone. >> they describe it suspects as skinny white males. >> i would not know who they were. apparently knew the family. saying, stacy says there is a safe here. >> a friend up at the door. the men got scared. th
in charlottesville... with the latest developments. and we'll have continuing ccverage of the huguely sentencing throuuhout the courthouse. the trial for the man accused of shooting marbles at a speed &pcamera van started today. today. 50-year-old ábruce mayá is facing assault, destruction of property and reckless endangerment charges. howard county police say may was driving back and forth on route 144 shooting marbles from a sling shot, denting the speed van and putting the drrver in danger. thii attack on a speed camera was one of four in june..... part of a larger string offcamera vandalism ll over the state. huudreds ... say popular... cannon businessman.../ struck... by... a bus... while... riding his bike... in... ocean city... last week. week. at... his... funeral today, .../ ppllbearers wore ...t-ssirts ... bearing the symbol... of... mccuskers... beloved... natty boh beer.../. a... natty boh truck ... led the proceesion... from the cathedral ... of... mary our queen ... to... dulanny valley memorial gardens ...
and huguely had a volatile relationship. it ended when he beat her to death in her charlottesville apartment after a day of drinking. huguely is scheduled to be sentenced at 1:00 this afternoon and we'll have the latest developments from the courtroom on our website wusa9.com. >>> the free state is apparently a safer state because maryland governor martin o'malley has announced that the state's crime rate is the lowest that it has been in 32 years. overall the number of crimes in maryland dropped 4.6% between 2010 and 2011. murder is down more than 6%. rape is down 2.5%. and car thefts are down nearly 11%. the governor credited local, state and federal police forces for their work. >>> coming up ahead on 9news now at noon, backpacks and books go flying when a hundred year old driver plows into a group of schoolchildren. >> reporter: i'm randall pinkston with the story of the republican convention coming up. president clinton: this election to me is about which... candidate is more likely to return us to full employment. this is a clear choice. the republican plan is to cut more taxes on uppe
the nomination for president. >>> president obama is going to be speaking in charlottesville virginia. you university of virginia declined the request to speak on campus saying it would be an extraordinary disruption for classes in the first week. >>> paraolympic games kick off in london. opening ceremonies nearly 4300 disabled athletes from 166 countries will compete in the games. >>> candle light vigil for michael jackson will be held outside the family's home in gary indiana on what would have been his 54th birthday. his mother and sister latoya and children will be there for the event. let's check the weather right now with lynette. >> good morning. we are dealing with mainly clear skies this morning. the cold front has moved through the area and behind it, high pressure is going to do its thing and build in nicely. we will be dealing with dry times. this is a good time to go ahead and watch the -- wash the car because we will have several days of dry weather. hurricane isaac the wind sustained at 80 miles an hour making the second landfall pumping in lots of wet weather. storm surge w
love foundation to prevent this from happening to another family. here in charlottesville, virginia, the sentence was reduced from 26 years to 23 years. >> all right. >>> you will cross that bridge when you come to it. the bay bridge is safe for you to cross. had a scare earlier this week when workers felt the bridge moving, then the heart of downtown. so is all this traffic trauma worth it for the big races in let's get a fast preview with roosevelt leftwich. >> reporter: there's still a lot going on even though no one's moving up and down pratt street. a lot of people are taking advantage of the open roadway. this has been the big attraction, trying to get an idea of the feel so they can synchronize the cars so they do well on the track. there's aot of urgency in the air. they tried to get the last-minute prep items. they tried to get more access to folks. so folks can come in, go to the race and did over to the harbor, go to little italy, do over to the rusty sup are, bells point and federal to spread the welt, so to speak, from this hundred thousand plus crowd. the crows were ou
national airport. charlottesville at 64 degrees. this is our strongest again showing the cold front to the west of us that arise later tonight into the overnight hours. it will increase the chance for gusty winds, heavy downpours a few thunderstorms. once this starts to clear a little bit during the day tomorrow. highs -- in the mountains, it will rain a little bit. davis and elkins are only in the 60's today. maybe a lingering shower to across the delmarva during the afternoon hours. the question mark is for sunday. we could see some clouds and showers. let's get a check on the rush hour commute. >> i will follow through on your train of thought. talking about traveling, what to expect as far as the weather -- double talk about what to expect if you are headed for the jersey shore through delaware and up into baltimore. there has been a stooge, fiery fatal crash. 95 on the southeast side of town. the interstate is closed northbound 95. they will take you on to the inner loop in baltimore. they have a detour to get you towards the port mchenry tunnel or up 83. it will add time to yo
of charlottesville, virginia... is expanding theer services to baltimore, washington and philadelphia. "relay foods" begins delivering products from local suppliers and farms... to businesses, schools... apartment complexes and homes, today.home delivery will be available in the city... and in baltimore, howard, anne arundel and carroll counties. new tonight on fox 45 news at 5:30....the trial gets underway ii the murder of a man outside townson town center last year... year...keith daniels will have the latest on why today's proceedings came to an abrupt end... 3 3 --adblib weather tz-- 3 students...
will be in charlottesville. yesterday, hundreds of people waited in line to get a ticket to that event in virginia. >> benton gray and the scandal surrounding his campaign -- in a couple hours to will roll out his campaign finance plan. according to the examiner, it will include limiting contributions for those who wanted to do business with the district. >> a new warning for syrian rebels today as military troops to tell them to stand down or face death. for nearly 17 months the focus of the uprising has been in the city of -- but today's new warning for the military comes along with the growing defense to recapture carriers on the edge of the country's capital. a pretrial hearing under way at fort meade. army private first class bradley manning facing civil charges for the wikileaks case. he is accused of sending hundreds of thousands of diplomatic cables. and faces a potential life sentence. >> 12:16. let us check in with adam caskey. >> improvement. very humid this morning. and warm as well. temperatures in the 70s to start the day. about five to 10 degrees above average. you will feel them over the next
-girlfriend in 2010. suzanne kennedy is outside the courtroom in charlottesville with more. >> george huguely will learn today how long he will serve in murder of his ex- girlfriend in carl yeardley love. 24-year-old chevy chase convicted and debris murder andegree grand larceny if stemming from the may 2010 killing. 22-year-old love was found dead her off-campus apartment on the pair argued about their breakup. both played lacrosse for the university. the jury has recommended 26 years. the judge can agreeing with that impose a lighter sentence. expected to testify today, huguely as well as a love's family and friends. the hearing, expected to last hours, a sentence will be imposed after the hearing. >> the suspected gunman in the theater shooting will be back in court today. focusing on the holmes mail to psychiatrist for which they descriptions of a violent attack. defense attorneys wanted just to sanction prosecutors for reckless disregard for the truth. the contents of the motion are sealed. >> a maryland man who allegedly shooting at his has a court hearing on his mental status today. pr
convicted of killing uva lacrosse player, yeardley love, will not be getting a new trial. a charlottesville judge rejected the request to toss out his conviction. huguely's lawyers argued for a new trial because of errors made the first time around. there was overwelming evidence to support his conviction. >>> well, the warm sunny day has storms popping up tonight. topper tells us when they'll move out and if they'll be back. the forecast is coming right up. but first, d.c. mayor, vince gray, issues a proclamation to honor the late chuck brown. details when we come back. >>> well, today marks what would have been the late chuck brown's 76th birthday. and mayor gray is marking that memory by declaring today, august 22, chuck brown day. the mayor unveiled plans to transform part of the park into chuck brown memorial park. we have seen some artistic renderings and there are perhaps a statue or a bust in that park along with an amp theater. a memorial focused on a performance venue would be an appropriate reminder of chuck brown's legacy. >>> virginia tech is shelfing the controversial plan to
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